Chandrayaan-3 shared fresh pictures of the moon
Chandrayaan-3 shared fresh pictures of the moon

Fresh images of the Moon taken by Chandrayaan-3 during the landing procedure have been released. On the far side of the Moon, which is constantly facing away from Earth, numerous large pits may also be seen in the most recent images of the Moon taken by Chandrayaan-3’s lander.

These images were captured by the camera that is tasked with guiding the lander Vikram toward a secure landing area before the historic touchdown on the unexplored south pole region of the moon on Wednesday night.

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On Sunday, ISRO announced that the ‘Lander Module’ (LM) of the Chandrayaan-3 mission had been successfully injected a little lower in the orbit, with a landing scheduled for Wednesday at 6.04 p.m.

On September 6, 2019, India’s previous attempt to land on the Moon’s south pole failed when the lander crashed. Chandrayaan-3 will mark an important milestone for Indian space exploration, according to ISRO.

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