How To Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates
How To Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Almost half of all retail sales growth is driven by eCommerce. According to reports, online retailers sold $600 billion worth of goods in the last few years. Yet, despite these successes, most eCommerce sites only convert less than 3% of visitors. Entry into the eCommerce market is relatively easy. In order to stay competitive, e-commerce conversion rates need to increase more than ever before.

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Your eCommerce business can take advantage of all that online browsing. Increasing your conversion rate will help you convert these visitors into buyers. Here are 8 eCommerce conversion tips to improve your conversion rate.

What is an Ecommerce Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is a measure of how many visitors make a purchase on an eCommerce site. Across the entire eCommerce landscape, conversion rates range from 1% to 4%. You may double your sales if you raise your eCommerce conversion rate by even 1% or 2%.

How to increase your eCommerce conversion rate

Take steps before, during, and after a customer visits your website to increase conversions. To boost your eCommerce sales quickly, here are 8 proven, actionable tips you can implement immediately.

8 Best Ways to Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates

1) Using coupon codes

When someone comes with a coupon code on your website, chances are they are shopping rather than browsing. Use sites like Woot or Groupon to list your coupons. Sales analytics can also be obtained from coupons and discount codes. Coupons are a quick and great way to increase sales conversion rates.

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2) Improve Your Site Speed

You have the most chance of persuading your visitors to purchase on your eCommerce site. Mostly it has been seen that the loading speed of the website causes the bounce rate to increase, due to which the customer comes out of the site. You can increase conversion rates in your eCommerce store by doing some technical changes on the website. Site speed is one of the measure elements to increase sales.

3) Provide free shipping

Free shipping is an imperative factor that cannot be underestimated. On all your sales pages, make sure to prominently display the fact that you offer free shipping. In addition to loading time, free shipping is likely to be your next most effective tool to gain sales. Ecommerce fulfillment companies can increase conversion rates by providing fast and consistently reliable shipping services.

4) Use quality images

The quality image acts as a kind of clarity on e-commerce, which increases the sales rate. Creating the high-quality images you need may require the services of a professional product photographer. Small photo studios are often set up in the workspaces of eCommerce sellers. A new product can be easily photographed when it is ready to be listed.

5) Improve FAQ page

Put yourself in your customer’s place once again. Feedback from customers and your own customer support data can be valuable resources in creating FAQs. Identify the questions that might prevent someone from making a purchase. On your FAQ page, address concerns about returns and shipping. Link to external resources where necessary to provide additional information.

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6) Highlight Benefits Only

Don’t focus on the things that matter to you about your product. Instead, emphasize why the purchase will make your customer happy. Emphasize benefits instead of features. The benefits of your products can be highlighted by a creative blog that reflects your brand.

7) Mobile Optimization

Most consumers conduct eCommerce research on a mobile device before buying on a computer. The proportion of eCommerce sales made on mobile devices, however, is steadily increasing. Without a mobile-friendly eCommerce site, you will lose sales. When a customer has a negative experience on your mobile site, they are less likely to buy from you. Moreover, mobile purchases are increasingly common.

8) Add a short video

Visitors to your eCommerce store will be attracted by a short video. Moreover, you can use it to showcase your product’s benefits. As an example of a company that uses short videos to increase online sales, Amazon is an excellent choice. Many of the product pages at the mobile retailer include videos. These videos provide information about each smartphone.

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How Will You Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate?

There are many touchpoints in the life cycle of a site visitor that can influence their decision to purchase. Your conversion rate can be changed by something as simple as the lighting in your product photography or as complicated as your fulfillment operations. A visitor might hit the buy button or abandon a shopping cart based on these small details.

By implementing some or all of these 8 tips, you’ll be sure to increase sales. Your operations can be stressed by increased conversion rates. Your supply chain logistics and fulfillment must be in place in order to meet the increased demand.

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