Dairy company Amul has raised milk prices
Dairy company Amul has raised milk prices

As Diwali approaches, the common man is hit with another shock of inflation. Dairy company Amul has raised milk prices. On Saturday, Amul raised the cost of milk by Rs 2 per liter. Full cream milk is now costing Rupees 63 per liter as opposed to its previous price of Rupees 61. Retail inflation in the nation is currently still at 7%.

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Sudden increase

There has been a sudden increase in the price of Amul’s milk. People purchased milk this morning at exorbitant costs. Amul had previously raised the price of milk in August. Earlier, Amul had cited rising costs as a reason for its decision.

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Amul Gold and buffalo milk prices in various regions of the country have increased by Rs 2 per liter, according to RS Sodhi, managing director of Amul Dairy. The price of fat has increased, which is the cause of this rise. Gujarat, however, has not seen an increase in this rate.

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