Twitter data breach 2022
Twitter data breach 2022

A threat actor claims to have 400 million Twitter users’ personal information and is seeking to sell it. The actor warned Twitter and Elon Musk about the incident and posted information about it on a website.

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An article with the malicious actor pseudonym Ryushi claimed to have found a database with the emails, phone numbers, and other private information of prominent people.

Alon Gall posted on LinkedIn the original post and information on the incident. AOC, Steve Wozniak, Kevin O’Leary, Donald Trump, and Sundar Pichai are among the notable individuals whose personal information is included in the sample of 1,000 accounts supplied by the actor, according to Ryushi’s article. The list also includes the account for the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

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Through a Twitter bug, the hacker claims the data dates back to early 2022, and in a message to Elon Musk, he implores him to purchase the information in order to protect himself from any GDPR legal action.

Some of the information entered by the hacker was validated by Business Today. It appears to include private information like the user’s email address and, in some circumstances, even phone number. The accuracy of the remaining data cannot be guaranteed.

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Elon Musk has been urged by the malicious actor to either pay a $276 million fine or buy the complete information cache in order to recover all the data listed for sale. Additionally, he forewarned Musk that celebrities would lose all faith in Twitter if their personal information was exposed, “ruining your hopes of Twitter being a video-sharing platform for content creators.”

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