8 former marines released from Qatar jail
8 former marines released from Qatar jail

A Doha court has freed eight former Indian Navy soldiers who had received death sentences in Qatar; seven of them have returned to India. PM Narendra Modi is considered a hero by the Indian government for this diplomatic success with Qatar.

In addition to Prime Minister Modi, there was another hero in this win who, via behind-the-scenes work, was crucial to releasing eight former marines. He is the National Security Advisor (NSA), and his name is Ajit Doval.

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It is stated that the conditions for the release of these former marines were set during the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Emir Tamim bin Hamad of Qatar on December 1 of last year in Dubai. Seven of the eight former marines returned home on Monday, and they all stated that Modi’s participation in the Qatar problem was essential to their success.

If reports are to be accepted, authorities from Qatar and India met multiple times to secure the release of these eight Indians.

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