Aligarh's DS College refuses to admit students without a uniform
Aligarh's DS College refuses to admit students without a uniform

Students without the prescribed uniform are not permitted to enter Dharma Samaj (DS) College in Aligarh city, Uttar Pradesh, on Thursday. All students should wear the prescribed uniform to the college, according to the notice. If they do not wear the prescribed uniform, then the college administration is required to deny them admission. This command should be strictly followed.

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Dr. Rajkumar Verma points out that students with a covered face will not be allowed into the college. The college will not allow students with covered faces to enter. Similarly, wearing saffron stoles or hijabs is not allowed on the college’s premises. A large part of the hijab controversy originated in Karnataka because Muslim schoolgirls had to remove their headscarves in order to enter educational institutions.

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Students from the Udupi district in Karnataka raised their voices against it. Later, these girls appeared in High Court to plead their case. Since then, this case has been escalating. A temporary ban has been imposed by the Karnataka High Court on wearing religious symbols to school. The Hijab case is currently before the court.

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