Encounter between security forces and terrorists in Jammu Reasi
Encounter between security forces and terrorists in Jammu Reasi

In Sohab Gali Tuli, a neighborhood near Chasana in Jammu‘s Reasi district, security forces and terrorists encounter in combat, leading to the death of one terrorist and two security personnel injured.

To find and kill the terrorists, a search operation is still in progress. The effort to find and kill the terrorist who was hiding went on for a second day on Tuesday, lasting more than 20 hours.

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A search operation is being conducted by security forces to find the second terrorist after the initial exchange of fire on Monday resulted in the deaths of one terrorist and injured two security personnel. The second terrorist was reportedly concealed inside a home in the Gali Sohab village of the Tuli region.

Following information of suspicious activities, security personnel began a search operation in a remote part of Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi district on Monday, according to officials. After more than four hours of tracing, security officers arrived in the village and surrounded the terrorists.

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