Firing incident in Lewiston city of America
Firing incident in Lewiston city of America

Maine Mass Shooting: A mass shooting occurred late on Wednesday night in Lewiston, Maine, in the United States. The incident resulted in 22 deaths and over 50 injuries.

The event has prompted a search for the suspected attacker, who is reportedly fleeing. Security officials requested the public’s assistance in identifying the culprit after posting two images of the alleged assailant brandishing a rifle on Facebook.

In a statement, the Lewiston Medical Center claimed that “mass casualties” from the gunshot incident were receiving treatment. To transport the injured, coordination is being done with nearby hospitals. Locals can assist the county sheriff in identifying the suspect.

On the social media site X, the Maine State Police issued a warning regarding an active shooter. “We have asked people to stay at their places only,” he declared. Investigations are being conducted in a variety of areas by law enforcement.

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