Getting a driving license is very simple
Getting a driving license is very simple

In today’s world, a driving license is the most important requirement for driving a vehicle. A person needs a learning license or a permanent license to drive a car or bike. Driving without a valid driver’s license will result in a deduction from your challan. In such a situation, if you want to get a driving license, you must first obtain a learning license and a new development regarding it has surfaced.

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Transport Ministry has simplified the rules

Now you won’t have to make rounds of RTOs (Regional Transport Offices) to obtain your driving license. Taking a test does not require going to an RTO. Someone who wants to get a driving license has to pass the driving test. This requires people to take a test. If he fails the driving test or does not follow the rules, he may have to wait again for a long time. In such a situation, people have to frequently make their way to the RTO to get a driving license, and they experience corruption on the way to getting it, to which now the Ministry of Transport has made a new rule on making driving licenses.

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The new rules governing the driving license of the Ministry of Transport will allow people to obtain driving training from government-recognized driving centers. Here they will be given a certificate. The test for getting a driving license will not be required based on this certificate. Driving training centers will provide strict and strong training, and people will get their licenses based on the certificates received from these centers by the government.

There are also new rules for training setters

Under the new rules, the authorized provider of certificates for driving licenses must have a minimum space of one acre for a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, and light motor vehicle training center. Land for medium and heavy passenger vehicles or trailers will be required to be two acres. A trainer in a training school should have a minimum 12th-grade education, in addition to having five years of driving experience and in-depth knowledge of traffic rules. People are believed to be more comfortable with this new rule of the center.

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