Corona cases increase in India
Corona cases increase in India

Corona virus infections have started increasing again. There have been 3275 new Corona patients found across the country in the past 24 hours. There have been 55 deaths since then. Nearly 20,000 Corona patients are currently active in India. Corona cases are 2.2% higher than on Wednesday.

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Most of the corona cases have been reported in Delhi, according to the Ministry of Health. Delhi found 1354 new infected individuals, Haryana found 571, Kerala found 386, Uttar Pradesh found 198, and Maharashtra found 188. As for the recovery rate, at present India’s recovery rate is 98.74 percent. During the last 24 hours, 3010 people were cured of Corona. Within the last 24 hours, 3 lakh 27 thousand tests have been conducted.

Number of active patients

The current number of active patients in India is 19 thousand 719. To date, the Ministry of Health has vaccinated more than 189 crore people in India. We vaccinated more than 13 lakh 98 thousand people on Wednesday.

Corona cases in Delhi

In Delhi, 1,354 new cases of Corona virus infection were reported on Wednesday, and one more person died as a result of the epidemic, with a 7.64 percent infection rate. As of Wednesday, there were 18,88,404 Covid-19 cases, and 26177 deaths were reported. As per the data, there are currently 5,853 patients in treatment in the city. Currently, 180 patients with Covid-19 are being treated in various hospitals throughout Delhi.

1 death in Jaipur

On Wednesday, a patient in Jaipur, the provincial capital, died of Corona virus infection. Until now, the death toll from this death-causing illness has reached 9,553. There have been 63 confirmed infections in the state in the same time frame. According to recent statistics from Rajasthan, 48 of the newly infected patients were found in the capital Jaipur, seven were found in Dholpur, two each in Alwar and Udaipur, and one each in Ajmer, Bhilwara, Jodhpur, and Sikar.

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