These 3 apps are dangerous for android phone
These 3 apps are dangerous for android phone

The Google Play Store has millions of apps. The consumers’ work is made easier by these Android Apps. On the Google Play Store, virus apps are also common. Consequently, users’ privacy and security are compromised. Nevertheless, after the report is received, these apps are dealt with and deleted from the Play Store.

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Play Protect monitors apps

The company uses Play Protect to keep an eye on this. However, these apps frequently appear on the Play Store by eluding the provider. Along with trying to commit financial fraud, they attempt to take the phone’s data. Three of these apps, which are offered on the Google Play Store, are the subject of recent reports.

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The Synopsys Cyber Security Research Center (CyRC) recently published a report that included three Google Play Store apps. By using these apps, attackers can access the phone and run any command they want. Each of the three apps functions as a remote keyboard and mouse. These apps enable the phone to function as a mouse or keyboard. Apps and a PC must be linked to the server for this.

These are the three virus apps

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Lazy Mouse, Telepad, and PC Keyboard. These three apps are all highly well-liked. Together, these apps have been downloaded over 2 million times. According to the CyRC research, remote unauthenticated attackers are able to execute arbitrary operations due to weaknesses in authentication and permission.

These three apps should be uninstalled immediately if you have any on your Android phone. Before downloading any apps, keep these things in mind. You must review the app permissions before downloading.

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