Ukrainian drone blasts on Russian airbases
Ukrainian drone blasts on Russian airbases

Russia has suffered a major setback in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. On Monday, explosions occurred at two Russian airfields. In this, one Russian soldier died and four others were hurt.

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This attack was allegedly carried out by Ukrainian drones, which have been shot down, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. At the same time, satellite images of this incident have also surfaced, showing that some Russian jets at an airfield have also sustained damage.

Blasts at Russian airbases

On Monday, blasts occurred at the Ryazan and Diagilevo airbases in Russia. Initially, Russia made no statement. However, a short time later, Russia began firing missiles at Ukraine. Later, the Russian Defense Ministry asserted that Ukrainian drones were responsible for these strikes. Ukraine didn’t make any public statements. However, the Ukrainian Air Force asked, “What happened?” while posting images of several of the jets that had been destroyed.

In the past, Russia has also charged Ukraine with carrying out such assaults. But these assaults have never before occurred within the Russian border. The Russian airbase has been heavily bombarded, as can also be seen in the satellite image. Russia should be very concerned about this. The Russian Defense Ministry claims that President Putin was also made aware of these attacks.

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Destroyed 60 Russian missiles, claims Ukraine

On the other side, Russia also launched missiles at Ukraine following the airbase attack. Ukraine, meanwhile, insists that they killed the majority of them. Ukraine claims that out of 70 Russian missiles, 60 were destroyed. Despite Russia’s claim that all 17 missiles hit their target.

According to Volodymyr Zelensky, president of Ukraine, the Russian attack has had an impact on Moldova’s electricity supply. Zelensky claimed that it had been demonstrated once more that Russia’s capacity to conduct such massive terrorist strikes poses a threat to not only Ukraine but also to the entire region. A Russian missile earlier disrupted Ukraine’s energy grid, causing a power outage in front of millions of people.

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