Google launched Bard AI in response to ChatGPT
Google launched Bard AI in response to ChatGPT

The world of technology is now seeing a lot of change. On the one hand, Google is now launching its own chatbot to compete with ChatGPT, which has dazzled consumers with the speed and accuracy of its questions-answering.

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In order to compete fiercely with Google ChatGPT, Bard, an AI chatbot, was created. In order to get feedback from the users, Bard has been launched. It will begin in the upcoming days for all users.

Alphabet Company’s CEO and its subsidiary Google LLC, Sundar Pichai, has announced that Bard would soon be made available to all users to compete with ChatGPT. The business now started it in order to get feedback. A conversational AI application, Bard, has been launched by Google CEO Sundar Pichai to collect customer input. It will be made public shortly as the testing is over.

BARD will work on this technology

In his blog post, Sundar Pichai stated that the brand-new conversational AI service Bard might be compatible with LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). Please mention that Google released this application two years ago. Large language models’ strength, intellect, and creativity were combined to characterize Bard’s capabilities, according to the CEO.

Google’s BARD will compete with ChatGPT

In addition, Google is developing a strategy to include AI capabilities in its search engine. The CEO claims that Bard will start by creating a less complex version of LaMDA. It requires less computational power, allowing for increased user adoption.

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