A helicopter accident in Kyiv
A helicopter accident in Kyiv

In Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, there was a helicopter mishap, according to the news. According to press reports, this catastrophe resulted in the deaths of 16 persons, including the Ukrainian minister.

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Northeast Kyiv, near the village of Brovary, was where the event occurred. People from the police and emergency services arrived at the scene after learning about the event. There is a video of this plane crash that shows the children’s school being engulfed in flames following the collision.

Unknown cause of the accident

The accident’s cause has not yet been identified. According to Igor Klimenko, the director of the National Police of Ukraine, 16 fatalities have been recorded thus far. Several prominent members of the interior ministry of Ukraine, as well as interior minister Denis Monastrsky and his deputy Yevgeny Yesenin, were among the deceased.

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