Indian-origin Anita Anand became the Defense Minister of Canada
Indian-origin Anita Anand became the Defense Minister of Canada

The Canadian leader of Indian origin Anita Anand has been named Canada’s defense minister. Anita Anand was given the responsibility of being the Defence Minister of Canada on Tuesday. Following the reshuffle of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, Anand has been appointed as the Canadian Defense Minister.

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A month ago, Justin Trudeau (Justin’s Liberal Party) became prime minister. Despite long holding, the post of Prime Minister, Trudeau’s party failed to get a majority.

Trudeau may have reshuffled some ministries, including defense, only after the formation of the new government. Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan will be replaced by Anand, 54. The Canadian military has criticized Harjit Sajjan for not handling cases of sexual abuse properly.

In a report published in the Canadian newspaper National Post, Sajjan was appointed the minister of the International Development Agency.

The International Development Agency has named Sajjan as its new minister. In the new cabinet, women share equal responsibility with men. According to Global News, experts in the defense sector have been saying for a few weeks that appointing a woman as Defence Minister would be good for victims of sexual abuse in the army. Such incidents can be handled by a lawyer in Anand Sena with strict action.

Canadian politicians and the general public are pushing the military to change its culture and system. Anand and Sajjan were two of the three Indian-origin ministers who won the recent parliamentary elections.

Anand has done important work regarding vaccination in Canada as MP for Oakville. In the early phases of the covid-19 epidemic, he also played an important role in the Ministry of Public Services and Procurement.

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