Queen Elizabeth II will not participate in the COP-26 climate conference
Queen Elizabeth II will not participate in the COP-26 climate conference

At the upcoming COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will not take part. On Tuesday, the Queen appeared digitally at Windsor Castle for the first time. After doctors advised her to rest, she met people digitally for the first time last week.

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Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the Queen will not make the trip to Glasgow for next week’s climate summit COP-26.

On November 1, the Queen was scheduled to attend a climate summit, according to the royal family’s website. However, Buckingham Palace announced on Tuesday that Queen Elizabeth II will continue to perform light duties from Windsor Castle and will not visit Scotland.

According to the statement, the Queen will not attend the conference on the advice of Aram. Nevertheless, she will be sending a video message to the personalities in attendance at the conference.

Using technology, the 95-year-old Queen came forward and accepted greetings from the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea. A “preliminary investigation” was conducted at the King Edward VII Hospital in London on October 20th.

By noon on the following day, she was back at her Windsor Castle home. Rather than visit Northern Ireland to mark its 100th anniversary, the Queen went for a medical checkup instead. Their “relentless” acceptance of the advice to rest for a few days was well received by the royal family.

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