Does changing WordPress Theme Affect SEO Results
Does changing WordPress Theme Affect SEO Results

The answer to the question “does changing WordPress themes affect SEO results” will therefore vary depending on the situation. A WordPress theme change may have an impact on your WordPress site’s SEO ranking as well as your WordPress blog’s SEO. Depending on how the process is conducted; it may either positively or negatively affect SEO.

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Will Changing Your WordPress Theme Affect Your SEO

Although most WordPress developers know their way around PHP and CSS, knowing these coding languages does not make them SEO experts. It is essential that; you check whether your WordPress site’s SEO is handled by a theme or a plugin. SEO plugins and themes for WordPress are diverse. Whether an SEO plugin helps or hinders SEO entirely depends on the plugin.

It’s important to keep in mind a few things when changing your WordPress theme. To get great SEO results on a WordPress site, you cannot just expect it to provide it.

For instance, the WordPress theme has certain SEO features that will help your website rank higher in search engine results. Additionally, SEO plugins do not need to be used with the theme; since changing your theme frequently can negatively impact your WordPress site. These frameworks are preferable because they handle all the little changes to your website’s SEO. If you change WordPress themes, you may experience various issues.

How Changing WordPress Themes Affect Your SEO Results

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  1. Theme Custom Settings Lost

Changing your theme without knowing its performance can result in losing all your custom theme settings. There is a possibility that your new theme will include features from your old one. There is a difference in code and design among themes due to how; they are coded.

You can see how the items load differently on your website. Another theme posts the body first then loads the sidebars, while another one posts the body and then runs the sidebars. If you change your website’s theme without carefully reviewing how it works, such changes will happen to your website, which, in turn, will affect the loading time of your website.

Your SEO results will be negatively affected; if the loading time is prolonged. Before switching to your new theme, make sure the performance is good!

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  1. Heading Tags Change

Changing the theme of your WordPress site; will require that you determine what heading tags are used for the post titles. WordPress post titles have an impact on your website’s overall SEO. Study this aspect of the theme before changing the one for your WordPress site.

WordPress Development website should always make a backup before changing the theme. Before migrating your website, take a backup of its theme and database. It is possible to store your backup into the SEO settings of many SEO plugins so that you can continue to change the theme without affecting the SEO settings.

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There is a wide range of beautiful SEO-friendly WordPress themes available on the platform, but only a few of them seem to deliver positive results for the platform. Despite having exceptional design features, some of them lack clean, SEO-friendly coding. Choosing a theme that enhances your SEO ranking is one of the most important aspects of making a successful SEO-friendly website.

Before you go live with the newest WordPress theme, make sure you have to preview it. This allows you to identify any bugs or errors that may exist in the current version. The theme of an updated website can be tested for errors, and bugs using certain tools.

Your SEO will be affected by changing themes but the impact depends entirely on how the two themes differ. In the right hands, changing WordPress themes can have drastic positive effects on your search engine optimization, and in the wrong hands, it can ruin your current ranking.

Only the performance of the theme you select determines the functionality of your website and the SEO results. When choosing a WordPress theme for your site, you should set up a concrete checklist that you can follow to make sure you choose a theme that fits your needs and fits within your budget.

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