Komaki DT 3000 electric scooter will be launched in India
Komaki DT 3000 electric scooter will be launched in India

The Komaki DT 3000 electric scooter will be introduced in India today. Launch information has been made public by the company. The company has launched three products this year. Ranger and Vinci were introduced earlier by the company. The Ranger is a motorcycle, and it looks similar to the Harley Davidson. Vinci’s design, on the other hand, might look like a Vespa to you.

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Let’s talk about the Komaki DT 3000 again. The vehicle has many good features and a better driving range. According to the information revealed thus far, the scooter can drive 220 kilometers on a single charge.

Compared to other Rivals models, the driving range is longer. The Simple One scooter provides a 236-kilometer range, however, so it will compete with it. A single charge of the Komaki DT 3000 e-scooter can take it from Delhi all the way to Agra. The scooter can cover a distance of 220 km on a single charge. Google Maps shows that the distance between Akshardham in Delhi and Agra is 214 km.

Komaki DT 3000 features

Komaki’s DT3000 will have powerful 3000W BLDC motors and an advanced lithium battery with a capacity of 62v52Ah. Digital instrument clusters and Bluetooth connectivity are among the trending features. Okinawa Ockhi 90 has been added as a new scooter to the competition. The wheels on this scooter are bigger. On Eco mode, it can drive 200 kilometers.

Okinawa Okhi 90 features

It can be purchased under subsidy in Delhi for Rs.1.03 lakh (ex-showroom) when its price is Rs 1,21,866 (ex-showroom). This scooter belongs to the premium category. Okinawa Ockhi 90 will be made in the company’s newly opened Bhiwadi, Rajasthan facility. The 16-inch wheels and the compact front fender make it look good.

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