Instagram fined rupees 3200 crores
Instagram fined rupees 3200 crores

Instagram, a photo-sharing app, has been fined a record 405 million i.e. Rs 3217 crore. Insta has been sanctioned by Ireland’s Data Privacy Regulator. This sanction has been issued because of the incorrect treatment of children’s data on social media platforms, according to a letter delivered to Meta by the data privacy authority.

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In response to the penalties issued by the data protection commission on Instagram, a representative for the meta platform reportedly stated, “We are presently analyzing this judgment.” It is not known what methodology was used to calculate this fine. This is the largest fine that Instagram has ever received, the article said.

The inquiry was launched with a specific focus on Instagram users between the ages of 13 and 17. When information was gathered concerning the accounts of kids who were managing company accounts at this age in the year 2020, the investigation got underway.

Let us inform you that owners of Instagram business accounts are free to make their phone or email addresses public. Due to the discovery of these children’s personal information throughout the investigation, a fine was imposed on the social networking platform. But by the next week, all of the information from this investigative report will be made public.

‘We made our final judgment last Friday, in which a fine of 405 million euros, or about Rs 3217 crore, has been issued on Instagram,’ according to a representative for Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC).

The business will consider the choice

According to a spokeswoman for Meta, Instagram regularly updates its settings. Additionally, additional measures have been included to ensure the safety of kids and the privacy of their personal data. The representative added that we are presently investigating the decision to determine how it was reached and that we disagree with the punishment imposed on the company at the same time.

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