Lok Sabha Secretariat suspends seven personnel
Lok Sabha Secretariat suspends seven personnel

Parliament Security Breach Updates: On Wednesday, there was an important breach in Parliament House security. While the House was in session, two young people sprang from the audience gallery among the MPs within the Lok Sabha.

Following the security lapse incident, there has been an increase in security in Parliament. MPs are the only ones allowed to enter the Parliament House through Makar Gate and all persons entering the building must remove their shoes before entering. As a result of yesterday’s security lapse, seven Lok Sabha Secretariat employees have been suspended.

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Union Minister Kaushal Kishore stated, “The lapse in security is unfortunate,” in response to opposition MPs’ demands for a comment regarding the security lapse incident. Additionally, the Speaker declared that the House Lok Sabha Secretariat, not the government, is in charge of security.” As a result, Amit Shah ji is in no position to comment on this.

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