Pinterest Testing New Full-Screen
Pinterest Testing New Full-Screen

According to Social Media Today reports, Pinterest is turning to the TikTok-inspired trend of vertically scrolling feeds of content and is testing a new ‘Watch’ mode for discovering new pins. Here’s an example, you can see that the user posted @KenSchillinger, There are two new full-screen options- In the Browse mode, you can see the traditional search feed from Pinterest, and in the Watch mode, you can view the traditional pin view; In the Watch mode, the same is displayed in TikTok-style vertical bars that show both video and still images.

It wasn’t clear how many people can access Watch, nor how many users were involved. There are many UX choices available as platforms look to keep up with emerging use patterns and maximize engagement, and TikTok’s popularity is leading to more UX choices in various other apps.

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TikTok is the most popular app every month for nearly two years, and its growth momentum is unmatched by any other social app. According to the report a few days ago, Tiktok had overtaken YouTube’s watch time in the US. As these companies seek to adapt to emerging audiences, they have begun building TikTok-like content feeds, which have prompted Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat to make their own.

In order to make Pinterest more relevant, it would make sense to at least attempt the same approach. As a process of maximizing user engagement, I suggest that if an app has a visual-aligned feed, and they know people are increasingly interested in viewing it in a vertical, full-screen format, they should make it possible.

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In the end, it may be a small test, and it may not succeed, but if Pinterest is already aligned with the social Stories trend (via Idea Pins), it fits nicely into the app’s more progressive approach to product development.

This would enhance Pinterest’s role as a showcase tool for e-commerce, and help people find more content via Pins? As progress is made, we will keep you informed.

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