PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate Green Express Highway
PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate Green Express Highway

Narendra Modi, the prime minister, will return to Rajasthan once again. On July 8 in Bikaner, PM Modi will dedicate the Green Express Highway connecting Amritsar and Jamnagar.

The trip from Amritsar to Jamnagar will now take just 12 hours instead of 23 thanks to this fast express highway, which cost more than twenty thousand crore rupees to construct. This express highway will also connect 5 districts in Rajasthan.

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In the middle of the route, mid-way hotels, toll booths, petrol stations, and charging stations are also being constructed.

Arjun Ram Meghwal, a member of parliament from Bikaner and the Union Law Minister, announced that the Prime Minister will officially open the Green Express Highway and other Central Government-funded development projects on July 8. At Naurangdesar, which is close to Bikaner, a general meeting of the Prime Minister will also take place during this time.

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