Jio Phone Next will be launched on Diwali
Jio Phone Next will be launched on Diwali

A video about the creation of Jio Phone Next was released recently by Reliance Jio. The Jio Phone Next making video mentioned many features of the phone as well.

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Diwali will be the launch date for Jio Phone Next according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. A collaboration between Google and Jio led to the development of Jio Phone Next. Google has developed a new operating system based on Android specifically for Jio Phone Next called Pragati OS.

Sundar Pichai said in a statement about Jio Phone Next that it will serve as the foundation for digital India. According to him, this smartphone will dominate the Indian market in the next three to five years, primarily due to its price and features.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said people want smartphones instead of feature phones. In the market, such phones are also in great demand but are not available.

Features of Jio Phone Next

Jio’s new smartphone comes with a voice assistant as one of its features. With Voice Assistant, users can easily manage their devices (such as opening apps, managing settings, etc.). Their language can also be used to access information/content on the internet. Additionally, this feature allows you to do some searching on the phone even while speaking.

Jio Phone Next’s Camera

Among the many photography modes that Jio Phone offers are portrait mode and smart and powerful camera. Using the auto mode, it is possible to keep the subject in focus and blur the background around it, which produces excellent images. It will have a 13-megapixel rear camera. Even in low light, users can take great pictures with the Night Mode. The camera app comes with an Indian Augmented Reality filter pre-installed. The camera comes preloaded with many filters.

Preloaded Jio and Google Apps

The device can be used to run Android apps. A Google Play Store app can be downloaded to the device. The Play Store offers millions of apps, so users can choose any app they want. A number of Jio and Google apps come preloaded on the device, as well.

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