Putin warns Western countries
Putin warns Western countries

In light of Russia‘s escalating invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Wednesday that he is planning to send additional troops there. Ukraine is currently launching a counterattack against the Russian army.

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Ukraine asserted that it had once taken back a sizable portion of territory from Russia. Putin stated that he wished to secure Russia and its borders by sending its 2 million-strong military reserve to Ukraine in a speech that was broadcast on television, according to Reuters. He asserted that the West does not desire peace in Ukraine and instead wants to destroy Russia.

Putin stated, “I believe it is vital to back the General Staff’s decision to send some more troops in order to safeguard our territory and its sovereignty.

Putin claimed that Western nations are using nuclear power as leverage, but that Russia has “many weapons” at its disposal and should not be treated lightly.

Donbas area is the name given to Luhansk and Donetsk combined. The Donbas now enjoys the status of separate nations thanks to Russia. In 2014, Russia occupied a portion of the area. Ukraine and Western nations claim that Russia has illegally occupied all of Ukraine’s territory.

Russia currently controls 60% of Donetsk, and in July, after months of conflict, it took nearly complete control of Luhansk.

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