Xiaomi may soon offer Dynamic Island features on its phone
Xiaomi may soon offer Dynamic Island features on its phone

This month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series. The manufacturer has included a larger camera cut-out and the special software function Dynamic Island in its Pro series. Now there are rumors that Xiaomi‘s smartphone will also have a function called “Smart Island” that is similar.

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Despite these criticisms, Xiaomi can include it in its forthcoming phone. Additionally, it is reported that the majority of Android devices, including Xiaomi, may soon have this capability.

According to certain reports, the Redmi K60 in Xiaomi’s forthcoming Redmi series could include Dynamic Island. Although this feature has not yet been formally unveiled by Xiaomi, it has been spotted on a few of the company’s flagship devices in China.

What is Dynamic Island?

On the Dynamic Island phone, the cutout is not as obvious as it is on the other phones. Speaking of the dynamic island of the Apple iPhone 14, this cutout features a front-facing camera and Face ID sensors. The cutaway now refers to Notification Center thanks to Apple.

It can be utilized by users as interactive notifications. The dynamic island can be lowered to manage several notifications. The unique feature is that it changes size so that it can be seen in various ways depending on the notice. Its irregular shapes and sizes are most likely the origin of the name Dynamic Island.

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