Infiltrator killed in Kupwara
Infiltrator killed in Kupwara

Infiltration attempts are ongoing in Jammu and Kashmir. However, because of the vigilant security personnel stationed at the border, these intruders are unable to accomplish their goals. In Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara area, one such attempt occurred last night.

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Infiltrator killed in Kupwara

Security personnel have killed a terrorist and stopped this intrusion attempt. The Army and the Jammu and Kashmir Police collaborated to thwart the infiltration attempt. Additionally, following the discovery of a gunshot-like noise in the Kamarwari neighborhood of the Srinagar district, the Jammu and Kashmir Police launched a search operation.

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Search operations still going on

According to the Jammu and Kashmir Police, a joint team of the Army and Police stopped a party from entering the Indian side in the Saidpora region based on specific information obtained by Kupwara Police yesterday night. An intruder has been gunned down by the joint team. There is still a search going on.

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