The Morning Show Season 2 review
The Morning Show Season 2 review

As a response to the countless streaming services that have launched in the past year, Apple TV+ has decided to bring back the all-star show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to its streaming service. The Morning Show being a life-changing television show might have something to do with it?

The series ended where characters were caught up in a #MeToo storm while continuing to crusade for truth. Bradley (Witherspoon) struggles to deal with her emotional turmoil, while Alex (Aniston) is caught up in a professional crisis. Yet Cory (Billy Crudup) is keeping his fort even though the roots are rotting as he has tried to get his streaming service off the ground.

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One of the biggest problems of The Morning Show’s first season was its pace. Once the show picked up steam, it made for emotionally engaging television, although it is taking a while for things to click this time around. There are three episodes (each lasting nearly an hour) in The Morning Show before the point is made clear. These are the places where you want to yell, “I understand, move on!” Scenes are interspersed between each other. After it finds its stride, it’s hard to stop.

The meatier part of this pie goes to Witherspoon’s Bradley, who has risen above the role of a righteous social justice warrior. Her evolution as a woman newscaster who is confident and understands that she does not have to underestimate herself provides her with that aspirational feeling. Aniston’s Alex is beset by crisis after crisis, and we feel as if we’re watching the same scenes over and over again.

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It’s Julianna Margulies‘ Laura who has surprised us this year. It’s like the grown-up in a room filled with kids, who gives the show some gravitas. The best aspects of Billy Crudup’s Cory are when he’s trying to hide his vulnerability. The storyline of Mitch, played by Steve Carell, might raise some eyebrows, given the way he was demonized in season one.

Although The Morning Show tries to discuss relevant current issues such as homophobia, systemic racism, sexual harassment, and ageism, it is not successful in constructing a nuanced conversation, so, in many cases, the issues are merely window dressing.

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In this season, the characters portray how they are coping with the early onset of the pandemic. You’ll be uncomfortable (because the makers haven’t helped to remove social distancing, and there are no masks), and that’s not their fault. With the ongoing pandemic, the world has experienced hell and back. This has given us a chance to reassess what matters most in life, but The Morning Show characters are not there to experience that.

It makes you wonder why a drama set in the pre-pandemic era would choose to focus on current events? The initial shock that Covid-19 will bring will be over by the time their third season rolls around, and the ‘new normal’ will already be widely accepted.

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