Instagram quietly limits the 'daily time limit' option
Instagram quietly limits the 'daily time limit' option

In 2018, Instagram introduced a feature called ‘Your Activity’ that allowed users to limit how much time they could spend on the app each day. Push notifications can also be temporarily disabled by users. Three years after the launch of Instagram’s Your Activity feature, the minimum daily time limit has been doubled.

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It was first noticed by TechCrunch that Instagram was sending its users pop-ups urging them to alter their daily limit in accordance with an updated app. Pop-ups inform consumers that the restriction they have is still in place if they wish. By selecting edit, however, they are able to choose a preset value, which is 30 minutes at the lowest. Previously, this was limited to 10 minutes. The ten-minute value is no longer supported on Instagram’s activity page, a second popup advising users.

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There are now time limits of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour, two hours, and three hours on Instagram prompts, according to The Verge. Users used to be able to set a time limit of 15 minutes or 10 minutes for daily usage of the app before.

Digital businesses around the world were already being punished for their addictive nature when Instagram first introduced its Your Activity settings for its users. Instagram came up with tools that allow you to set a time limit as low as 10 minutes in response to these as well as other concerns.

Instagram is now getting more attention from Meta, despite popular belief. Meta’s value of 20% has been wiped out by Facebook’s stalled growth and a shrinking user base for the first time since the company was founded – an event that has weighed down Facebook’s growth.

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Instagram has raised its minimum daily limit to encourage users to spend more time on the platform in order to correct some worrisome statistics from the previous quarter.

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