Nifty and Sensex open on a negative note
Nifty and Sensex open on a negative note

Due to the continuous bad signals from the global market, the Indian stock market opened again today with a fall. On Thursday, May 12, the 30-point Sensex is trading at 53,320.83, down 867 points. While the 50-point Nifty opened at the level of 210 points 15,956.45. Many stocks have collapsed in early trading. In such a situation, there is only a possibility of a decline in the trading session of the day.

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The banking sector has given good returns in some trading sessions, so the eyes of the investors will remain on this sector. The rupee, meanwhile, is also declining. The Indian rupee has declined by 23 paise to 77.46.

Earlier on Wednesday, Sensex slipped 276.46 points to close at 54088.39 after the day’s volatility, while Nifty lost 72.95 points to close at 16167.10. However, the shares of the banking sector were seen in good condition. In yesterday’s trading session, there were times when the Nifty was on the surface of going below 16,000. But the banking sector saved its strong support level.

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