Extra charge for ordering goods from Flipkart on Cash On Delivery
Extra charge for ordering goods from Flipkart on Cash On Delivery

People can purchase goods with great convenience by doing online purchasing. When ordering anything online, it is essential to have a variety of options available to you. Additionally, you receive home delivery on everything you order. The benefit can also be obtained by using one of the many payment methods that are offered for online purchases. Customers can choose to pay online or with cash on delivery when placing an online order for items. Flipkart is currently adding a surcharge for cash on delivery.

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A cash-on-delivery payment is made only after the product is received by the customer. However, Flipkart has recently begun adding extra fees to cash on delivery, meaning that the client will now be responsible for additional fees.

This will be the charge on cash on delivery

According to a statement made on Flipkart’s website, the delivery fee is not a secret fee and is determined by the seller’s shipping policy. Previously, Flipkart did not charge for orders with cash on delivery. Now, regardless of whether you order a product for Rs 150 or Rs 15,000 through a cash-on-delivery program, you will be required to pay Rs 5 per order in addition to any relevant delivery fees.

Avoid the charge

When a consumer chooses the cash-on-delivery option on Flipkart, the following message also appears: Due to handling charges, a modest Rs 5 will be charged for orders placed using this option (COD).” This indicates that a handling fee of Rs 5 will be applied to orders for cash on delivery. Online payments can be made to avoid this cost.

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