YouTube introduces AI-powered chatbot
YouTube introduces AI-powered chatbot

YouTube is testing new conversational tools that can respond to inquiries regarding the video you are watching, as well as a new generative AI chatbot that can summarize and classify comments based on topics.

YouTube has released a new conversational AI tool that allows users to ask questions about the content and receive replies about the video. It is intended for users who want to know more about the content they are consuming. Additionally, it has the ability to suggest relevant content without interfering with video viewing.

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By hitting the “✨Ask” button that appears on certain videos, users can ask questions regarding the video in a manner similar to how they would ask ChatGPT. This conversational tool, supported by generative AI, is easy to use. The new function is currently only accessible to “a small subset” of users on YouTube, and it is only available in the US for the time being. However, the firm promises to roll it out to more YouTube Premium users on Android devices in the upcoming weeks.

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