34000 corona cases in the last 24 hours in India
34000 corona cases in the last 24 hours in India

Corona case information in India: New Corona cases were reported in 33,750 cases and 123 deaths in the last 24 hours in India, according to Ministry of Health data released on Monday. During this period, 10,846 people also recovered.

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Every day, the speed of Covid19 in India is increasing. On Monday, the Ministry of Health announced 33,750 new Corona cases in the last 24 hours, an increase of 22.5% over a day earlier. During this period, 123 people died. Although 10,846 people also recovered during this time.

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It is most concerning that the number of active cases has risen to 1,45,582. According to official data, the total number of patients recovering in the country has reached 3,42,95,407, while a total of 4,81,893 people have died. The total vaccination figure has crossed 145 crore (1,45,68,89,306). Currently, the recovery rate stands at 98.20 percent. By way of example, the infection rate is 3.84 percent for the daily rate, and 1.68 percent for the weekly rate.

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There are 1700 cases of Omicron in the country

There have been 1700 cases of Omicron in the country, while Maharashtra remains the top state with 510 cases. In Delhi, there are a total of 361 patients. Kerala is in third place with 156 patients. Gujarat(136), Tamil Nadu (121) Rajasthan (120) Telangana(67), Karnataka(64) Haryana(63), Odisha (37) West Bengal (20), Andhra Pradesh (17), Madhya Pradesh (9), Uttar Pradesh (8), Uttarakhand (8), Chandigarh (3), Jammu and Kashmir (3), Andaman & Nicobar (2), Goa (1), Himachal Pradesh (1), Ladakh (1), Manipur (1) and Punjab have all reported 1 case.

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