New account on Twitter will not get Blue Tick for 90 days
New account on Twitter will not get Blue Tick for 90 days

You must wait 90 days if you wish to purchase a blue subscription on Twitter. The corporation has stated that the user must wait 90 days following the site’s restart to receive the blue tick. Twitter Blue Subscription will not be available for purchase on the well-known microblogging platform for accounts that are less than 90 days old.

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Let us inform you that Elon Musk acquired Twitter and that his acquisition resulted in significant changes. In order to acquire Blue Tick or Verify Tick for their Twitter account, users will now need to pay $8 each month.

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Will be launched again on 29 November

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, recently announced that the microblogging service will restart its $8 Blue subscription program starting on November 29. Unless the name is confirmed by Twitter to comply with its terms of service, he added, altering the verified name with a new release will result in the loss of the checkmark.

Will have to wait till February-March

Blue Tick cannot be applied to accounts created after November before February or March. Other users can keep a watch out for bogus accounts in the interim and report them to assist stop them from receiving blue ticks. The check mark will be lost if you change your verified name after Twitter releases a new version, he added. Therefore, don’t alter the verified name until Twitter has confirmed that it complies with the rules.

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Working on a new feature

Furthermore, Twitter is working on restoring end-to-end encryption for direct messages (DMs). Several years ago, this feature was first introduced, but for some reason, Twitter chose not to move forward with it.

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