Vikram-S takes off from Sriharikota
Vikram-S takes off from Sriharikota

Vikram-S, the nation’s first private rocket, was launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) from Sriharikota. This rocket is manufactured by Skyroot Aerospace. It bears Vikram Sarabhai’s name, a well-known scientist from India. Jitendra Singh, a minister for the union, was also present when it was launched. “Prarambh” is the name of Skyroot Aerospace’s inaugural flight, which carries three consumer payloads.

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In an interview with ANI, Union Minister Jitendra Singh said India’s space program has a new beginning. With the development of its own rockets, India has reached a turning point in its startup movement.

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Pawan Kumar Goenka, INSPACe President, announced the mission had been successfully completed at the launch. Skyroot Aerospace is starting here. This rocket weighs around 545 kg, as is known.

The rocket’s developer, a startup named Skyroot Aerospace, tweeted about the successful launch at the same moment. Launched!, Skyroot wrote in a tweet. India’s first privately funded rocket, Vikram-S, made spaceflight history by taking to the skies. We appreciate your presence at this historic event.

For Skyroot, this expedition has proven to be a significant turning point. In particular, it is known that 80% of the technology used in the orbital vehicle Vikram-1 has been acknowledged. The Skyroot Company and ISRO have a Memorandum of Understanding about rocket launches. Three payloads are being launched simultaneously by the Vikram S rocket, one of which is from a foreign customer.

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