Bad condition in China due to new variant of Corona
Bad condition in China due to new variant of Corona

China Corona News: China is in a bad situation due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. An eight-day lockdown has been enacted following an outbreak of Covid in the northwestern city of Xian. There are many people who go hungry for days in this city of 13 crores. Chinese authorities reported that 156 new local transmission cases were reported in China on December 29.

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155 cases belong to Xian out of 156. Covid has also been imported 51 times in addition to cases locally transmitted. In this region, 1,117 new cases have been reported since December 9.

The Washington Times reported on December 30 that large-scale testing began in the area. The ban extends to all public events as well. An official of the city government, Zhang Fenghu, told the media that Xian has reached a critical phase in its fight against the virus.

In Xian, Covid cases are very few compared to Europe. Although there are strict travel restrictions in and out of the city since 23 December, the authorities continue to impose them. The government plans to control the disease outbreak as soon as possible.

Prohibited until exit from home

Local residents are being banned until they come out of their homes. The local authorities have reportedly forbidden them to leave the building unless they are being tested for Corona or if they do not follow the protocol set by them. According to an official, the imposition of the lockdown has resulted in a shortfall of staff in the organizations responsible for supplying basic necessities. This problem is being addressed by the government.

A ban is in place to prevent people from leaving. A vehicle’s owner is being sent straight to jail if he or she is seen on the road. An individual caught will also have to pay a fine of 500 yuan, or 5 thousand 800 rupees, in addition to serving ten days in jail.

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