Big action on many officers of UP government
Big action on many officers of UP government

Several UP government officials will face punishment in the coming days. Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, monitors citizen complaints daily. Since CM Yogi has reported on every district’s concerns from the general public, many district officers are being watched as a result. In several areas, it is anticipated that there will soon be significant action against the officers.

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Every complaint that comes into the Janata Darshan of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is carefully investigated, and those that call for action are submitted to the appropriate officer. However, in some instances, legal action has also been taken against the low-level authorities’ negligence. Let’s just say that CM Yogi receives public complaints continually at the public court.

From April 4 to August 16 of this year, 28,715 public complaints were received, according to the Chief Minister’s Office, in the Janata Darshan of CM Yogi. 26,258 of these have had their lawsuits settled. In 3,329 delicate cases, the report (report) was obtained from the CM’s office the same day via phone conversation, and in 2,677 instances, approval was given. In addition, 591 reports have been returned with objections if they are unsatisfactory and will continue to be returned until quality disposal has been made.

Such a list of repeated concerns may also be seen in the Chief Minister’s Janata Darshan. The Chief Minister has no authority over most of these matters. The Chief Minister frequently sends monies to the concerned designated hospital on a priority basis in cases of medical financial support. Every day, five to twenty-five applications are received for this type of financial aid. The differently abled have received wheelchairs, electric sticks, hearing aids, etc. from CM Yogi numerous times at the public darshan.

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