Kolkata Burj Khalifa Pandal
Kolkata Burj Khalifa Pandal

A replica of the Burj Khalifa in Kolkata has been converted into a Durga Puja pandal – one of the most famous monuments in the world. Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world, is a breathtakingly beautiful as this monument.

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There will be a Durga Maa idol in the Kolkata Burj Khalifa Pandal, along with worship. Its specialty is the presence of an idol. At the Sreebhumi Sporting Club pandal in Kolkata; an exact replica of Dubai’s iconic Burj Khalifa has been erected.

A special lighting arrangement will be made for a majestic look to the pandal of Lake Town under the patronage of State Fire and Emergency Services Minister Sujit Bose.

What are the specialties of this Kolkata Burj Khalifa Pandal?

Special features include seeing the Indian tricolor and hearing holy scripture chanted as well as seeing the other colors. Even if you cannot visit Dubai, at least come to the Kolkata Burj Khalifa Pandal if you are unable to go to Dubai. And at the same time, you can also enjoy the visit to Burj Khalifa Pandal in Kolkata.

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Additionally, it is the tallest Durga Puja pandal in Bengal, as well as a replica of the tallest building in the world. While this stunning example of a bi-shaped building closely resembles the Burj Khalifa, it does not contain a lift. However, because it is only a replica of the original, it is only about 150 feet high, but the original building is about 3000 feet tall.

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Burj Khalifa Pandal built in 100 days in Kolkata

It took almost 6 years to build the Real Burj Khalifa of Dubai. But to make this charming Burj Khalifa Pandal built in Kolkata, 100 labors have made it by taking 100 days. As a result, you will feel more excited about Durga Puja because of the decorations and lights.

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Sujit Bose told that, “I have seen Burj Khalifa but the main worker Romeo was sent to Burj Khalifa. We sent him he saw it and got an idea. 250 people worked for 2 months after which Burj Khalifa Pandal is made in Kolkata. We have created enough height in proportion to the original height of the area we have.”

It took 100 days for 250 workers to construct the pandal, which is approximately 150 feet high. A large team worked for 6 years to construct Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the monument is unique in its design. In order to express the sparkling image of the monument; acrylic sheeting has been used. The number of lights installed exceeds 300.

Following the guidelines of Covid19

By remembering the rules of Covid 19. No one will be allowed inside due to Covid. So whoever comes to see the pandal will have to look from outside and take pictures from there.

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If we talk about this Burj Khalifa Pandal in Kolkata, its uniqueness is that visitors will be able to see different colors. Because the whole building is made of about 6000 sheets of acrylic, which is a special material and this acrylic mirror has a reflection effect.

How will the idol of Maa Durga be

The idol is beautiful and has a ‘Shabeki’ idol with cloth made of clay. There is jewelry in it, and this year it is sponsored by Senco; it was made by Pradeep Patra Pal. The idol will carry 40 kg of jewelry,” says Bose further explained.

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Viewers have already visited this place and shared its splendid and captivating views on social media. This Burj Khalifa pandal is attracting visitors from all over West Bengal.

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