Big blow to Muslim side in Gyanvapi case
Big blow to Muslim side in Gyanvapi case

Gyanvapi Case: An important ruling on the ownership dispute of the Gyanvapi Mosque has been rendered by the Allahabad High Court. This is good news for those who support the temple. The trial in the 1991 case has been permitted by the Allahabad High Court. The High Court of Allahabad has dismissed five petitions.

The Sunni Central Waqf Board and Anjuman Intejamia Masjid Committee filed petitions contesting the ownership dispute cases, however, their requests were denied by Judge Justice Rohit Ranjan Aggarwal’s bench.

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According to the court, the case has an impact on two significant national populations. The Varanasi District Trial Court has been directed by the High Court to decide on the matter within six months.

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