Case of stone pelting on Dalit women in Nuh
Case of stone pelting on Dalit women in Nuh

Nuh Violence: It came to light in Nuh late on Thursday night that some malicious elements were throwing stones at Dalit ladies who were returning from worshiping the well. Numerous female injuries have also been reported. Since the dispute included two communities, the police were on the scene right once and attempted to diffuse the tension.

On Friday, there were demonstrations over the stone-pelting event. The police then arrived on the scene and calmed the crowd. It is said that on his way out of the Kailash temple’s well worship, some naughty people from the city’s largest Madrasa flung stones at him once more. Many women got hurt in this.

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Some people in the city and the victim’s family voiced their strong opposition to this occurrence on Thursday. Given that two communities were engaged, word of the situation quickly traveled. After some time, a sizable crowd assembled. The captain of the police also took instant command and treated the situation seriously. The police commander made it quite evident that the guilty in this instance would receive no spared at all.

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