YouTube allows monetization on videos with breastfeeding nudity
YouTube allows monetization on videos with breastfeeding nudity

YouTube has updated its criteria for ad-friendly content to permit videos of breastfeeding in the nude, as well as footage of “sensual” dancing like twerking and grinding, provided that a child is present. The changes were made on Thursday by the platform and will also apply to gaming videos.

Ad revenue was previously not available for breastfeeding videos on YouTube that displayed a visible areola. Similarly, YouTube’s policy demonetized choreographed videos including twerking, grinding, or dancers wearing skimpy attire.

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With this latest YouTube update, content producers can now increase their ad revenue from breastfeeding videos featuring children, even if the areola is visible. These kinds of videos could only make money in the past if the areola was absent. According to the company’s revised policy, content including a baby in the background and a woman displaying hand emotion or using a breast pump with her nipples visible can now be monetarily supported.

The platform will keep restricting the amount of money that can be made from breastfeeding content without a child present. The policy also states that any references to breastfeeding in context, such as a child who is about to breastfeed or someone who is actively lactating, must be included in the nursing videos.

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