China is among the countries still suffering from Coronavirus
China is among the countries still suffering from Coronavirus

China is among the nations where Corona is now causing havoc. Globally, there has been a surprising increase in corona cases since the start of November.

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The number of patients in hospitals is at an all-time high, and deaths are shattering records. Corona instances, on the other hand, are still declining in India.

Only 12 deaths attributed to corona have been reported in the nation in the week ending on Sunday. Despite this, there have been no fatalities reported over the past three days.

On the other side, there has been a significant increase in corona cases throughout various nations, including Asia and Europe. On November 2, there were 3.3 lakh cases worldwide. It has been steadily rising ever since. This number rose to 5.1 lakh on December 18—a 55 percent rise.

Corona instances have increased most significantly in Japan. In the previous seven days, more than a million instances have been reported here. This is a 23% increase over the prior week. More than 1,600 fatalities have been reported in the nation so far this week, an increase of about 19%.

Additionally, South Korea recorded over 450,000 new cases last week, an increase of 9% from the week before. In addition, Brazil and Germany are both experiencing an increase in instances. In places like Taiwan and Hong Kong, 1 lakh new cases have been reported.

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