Creators getting bonus $10k from Instagram for posting reels
Creators getting bonus $10k from Instagram for posting reels

A new bonus program now pays users who post videos on Instagram’s Reels up to $10,000 as an incentive to become content creators. Instagram is owned by Meta.

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According to 9To5Mac, in the Reels Play bonus program, creators will have the opportunity to earn up to $10,000 if their short videos called “Reels” are posted.

The bonus program’s rules, however, are unclear to users, according to TechCrunch. Several people with more than 50,000 followers earn more than $1,000 each month, but those with fewer followers earn only $600. Other creators reported being offered $800 if they reached 1.7 million views on all their Reels in one month.

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Users can “expect them to fluctuate as Instagram tests its bonus program with a small number of creators.” Instagram says that the bonus program is still in its infancy.

Bonuses will be more individualized in the future, the company claims. At present, these bonuses are “rolling out slowly” and not all users are eligible. You can only receive this bonus if you live in the United States.

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