New Page experience on Facebook for India
New Page experience on Facebook for India

For users in India; Facebook introduced a new Page experience Friday that will improve their ability to build community and fulfill their business objectives. Following others using your newsfeed and liking and commenting on your own posts; will be a lot easier with the new design.

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What new features will Facebook implement in page layout?

By viewing bios, posts, and other important information in one location; users will find it easier to navigate between public and personal pages.

For the first time, Pages will have their own News Feed, which will help users find and join conversations. Maintain a connection with your fans, interact with your peers, and keep up with trends.

New News-Feed on Facebook

In addition to those suggestions, the dedicated news feed will provide recommendations of other pages, pages, groups. And trending news that a particular page or public figure cares about.

Facebook Comment Layout

A wider audience will be able to see Page conversations that arrive in their News Feeds more frequently, as well. Moreover, comments from public figures will appear above any other comments. In addition to commenting and following pages, users can also post recommendations.

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With a new text-based Q&A format, likes will be removed and followers will be the focus; simplifying the way people interact with their favorite Pages. You can now follow a page to receive updates from your favorite pages.

Added task-based admin controls will now make managing pages more convenient. Such as allocating permissions and assigning admin access based on specific tasks.

The new changes in page admin

Content and community page administrators will have the ability to manage community activities and messages, ads, insights, and community activity.

About Facebook Verification Badge

Posts and comments written by authentic profiles. And Pages will be more evident thanks to the increased visibility of Verified Badges.

Furthermore, the comments of a verified Page appear higher in the comments section. And the News Feed when they are made on a public post by another verified Page.

What is not changing

The new changes will be implemented. A few important things will remain unchanged, including existing content, existing posts, existing campaigns, and existing admin rights.

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