Corona cases double in India
Corona cases double in India

In this nation, the rate of corona illness is doubling. 3,095 covid sick individuals were discovered in the nation on Friday.

Five additional fatalities from corona are reported to have occurred in the nation in the previous 24 hours. This includes one patient dying in each of Goa and Gujarat, as well as three in Kerala.

With this, Corona has now claimed the lives of 5.30 lakh individuals. The weekly positivity was estimated at 1.91%, while the everyday positivity was 2.61 percent. Corona instances have increased to 4.47 crore across the nation (4,47,15,786).

More than three thousand individuals have been discovered to be corona-infected in the nation, the Union Health Ministry announced earlier on Thursday. This is the first time in the previous six months that this has occurred. Up until last week, the nation saw an average of 1,500 new infections every day.

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