PM Modi gave his reaction regarding the Manipur video
PM Modi gave his reaction regarding the Manipur video

Despite the fact that Manipur is currently experiencing widespread ethnic violence, anger has recently increased in the state’s mountainous regions due to a video showing two women being paraded in the nude. Prior to the start of the monsoon session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi responded to the Manipur video. He referred to what transpired in Manipur as being quite shameful. This is comparable to disgracing the entire nation.

The video, which is believed to be from May 4, features two ladies who are Kuki members, while the males who are stripping the women off are all Meitei members. Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum, a tribal organization, has urged that the offenders be punished.

According to PM Modi, I want to let each Chief Minister know that they have consistently strengthened law and order and been on the lookout for the protection of their state’s mothers and girls. I can guarantee you that those responsible for this incident will face the toughest punishment. In any civilized society, what happened to the women in Manipur is unacceptable.

According to PM Modi, the importance of law and order and respect for women is present in every region of the nation and in every state administration, regardless of politics and discussion. I promise my compatriots that no criminal will be left unpunished. The law will firmly enforce each step with all of its might. There will be no forgiveness for what these daughters of Manipur have endured.

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