Rahul Gandhi again picks up the pace on Twitter
Rahul Gandhi again picks up the pace on Twitter

Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter followers have resumed increasing once again. The number of his followers decreased after the controversial tweet in the Delhi rape case. As part of this effort, Rahul also wrote a letter to Twitter, in which he informed the company’s CEO, Parag Agarwal, about the falling numbers. Twitter temporarily blocked the Congress leader’s account after he posted the tweet in the Delhi rape case.

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A report from Times of India states that the number of followers of Rahul Gandhi on Twitter is increasing at a rate of 80 thousand per week. Wayanad MP had expressed his displeasure on 27th December 2021 that his following had been reduced to zero. As well as that, he also accused the government of putting political pressure on the matter. However, the company didn’t provide a specific response during that time.

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The account of a Congress leader has become active again. In 6 weeks from January 12 to now, Rahul’s followers have increased at a rate of about 80 thousand each week, according to TOI. He has 20 million followers.

A photo posted by Rahul in August 2021 showing the family of a rape victim in Delhi sparked controversy on his account. In response to a complaint by members of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Twitter had suspended the Congress leader’s account for 8 days. In a letter to CEO Agarwal, Rahul alleged he had stopped getting new followers since then.

According to the letter, about 2 lakh new followers are added each month. Over the past few months, this figure had reached 6.5 lakhs, but the number has since fallen to 2500 per month, and at times was also negative. The report says Congress sources believe this change isn’t normal, but the result of external influences.

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