Sacked Rajendra Gudha reaches Rajasthan Assembly
Sacked Rajendra Gudha reaches Rajasthan Assembly

Waving a red diary in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, Rajendra Gudha, who was fired from his ministerial position after battling his Ashok Gehlot government in the Assembly, arrived in the well in front of Dr. CP Joshi’s seat on Monday.

He and his speaker, Dr. CP Joshi, got into a heated argument over the Lal Diary. There was a great ruckus in the house following that. After the scuffle, there was fighting inside the home. Later, when Marshal saw that things were becoming worse, he expelled Gudha from the House. So this made him angry. The assembly’s sessions were suspended because of the ruckus.

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According to former minister Rajendra Gudha, I was charged with collaborating with the BJP. I rescued this weak administration. In the Rajya Sabha elections, I supported him. I established the Congress government in 2008 and in 2018. My red diary was taken away. MLAs from Congress struck me. Ministers for Congress dragged me away. Gudha showed the red diary and said half of it had been taken away. This diary still contains half the secrets.

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