Rajendra Singh Gudha revealed two secrets of Lal Diary
Rajendra Singh Gudha revealed two secrets of Lal Diary

Red Diary is now making headlines in Rajasthan. In this situation, Rajasthan’s fired minister Rajendra Singh Gudha on Wednesday (2 August) engaged the media at his home and released two pages of the contentious Lal Diary. On this subject, the Rajasthan administration is consistently criticized by the opposition BJP party.

Rajendra Gudha asserts that Dharmendra Rathore, president of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and a close friend of CM Ashok Gehlot, wrote the passages in this Lal Diary that he is making public.

Rajendra Gudha claims that Rathore wrote that Vaibhav ji and I talked about the costs of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) election and how Bhavani Samota hasn’t yet given money to the people in a section of the Lal Diary.

This is the second page of the diary, according to Gudha. Rathore reports that Rajeev Khanna and Bhavani Samota visited the residence to calculate the results of the RCA (Rajasthan Cricket Association) elections. Bhavani Samota failed to fulfill the promises she had made to most people, so I said this was wrong. As soon as you complete it, Bhavani Samota said she would inform CP sir, then I would let you know the final results by 31 January.

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