Specifications of Android 13 'Tiramisu' leaked
Specifications of Android 13 'Tiramisu' leaked

There is a new version of Android called Android 12, and this is not available on most smartphones at the moment. Many mobile devices still run Android 11 or earlier. The next version of Android was announced in the middle of all this. A new Android 13 version is expected to be called ‘Tiramisu‘. The report states that the new version will be ready for developers to test in February of next year if Google follows its annual schedule.

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There was a report earlier this week that described some of the possible features of this new Android version.

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XDA Developers obtained some screenshots directly from the source of this new Android version in the following report. Furthermore, this new version also optimizes your smartphone’s performance. This Android 13 comes with several new features.

Get relief from annoying notifications

Android 13 can eliminate unnecessary notifications on your phone. The report shows that a new option has been added inside Permission Manager, within Privacy Settings, that controls notifications. You can access your smartphone’s apps and manage the phone’s location and microphone with this feature.

Each app may display a pop-up asking for your notification on that app. A new app will ask our smartphone for access to its storage and files just like when we install new apps.

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Separate language for separate apps

You will have the option to use any app in the language of your choice in the new Android version. Google has recognized that multi-lingual users now use Android, that’s why it has decided to give Android users the option of ‘App Language’ in the system settings. Apps can be viewed according to the languages they are available in. This means you can use one app in Hindi and the other in either Tamil or English.

A new look for the lock screen

New Android users can now change the clock layout of their lock screen. Currently, it is in the clock center, but as soon as a new notification arrives, it goes up, and as soon as you clear the notification, it returns to the clock center. The clock can be permanently displayed on the lock screen layout in newer Android versions.

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A toggle option may be available on Android for you to turn on or off some features. You will optimize the energy management of your smartphone. It is expected that these features will be included in TARE (The Android Resource Economy).

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