Stock Market Update
Stock Market Update

The Indian stock market has had a wonderful opening trading day of the week so far. The market started the day’s trading session near the green level and ended it there as well. The Indian markets experienced some volatility earlier on Friday throughout the day’s activity, but the market closed in the green.

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The Nifty concluded at 17,525.10 points with a gain of just 127.60 points or 0.73 percent, while the Sensex of the Mumbai Stock Exchange closed at 58,853.07 points with a gain of roughly 465.14 points or 0.80 percent.

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The Indian market opened with tremendous momentum earlier in the day. The 30-point Sensex opened today’s trading session at 58,417.71, up 29.78 points, or 0.051 percent, while the 50-point Nifty opened at 17,401.50, up 4.00 points, or 0.023 percent. The market is consistently in a positive trend.

Global markets boom

When it comes to the global market, America appears to be re-entering it now. This week has been strong for the US market. On the other side, investors expect inflation to decline after the Fed Reserve raises interest rates, therefore they are aggressively betting in the market. As a result, the NASDAQ, one of the main stock exchanges in America, has increased by 0.41 percent in the most recent trading session.

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The stock of LIC is currently declining. After Friday’s increase, it is now providing a drop on Monday. LIC shares fell today and ended the day at 679.70.

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